Osteria and park will reopen Sunday 22 March

Outdoor tasty food

The Osteria has many outdoor tables under the trees, where you can eat in tranquillity while enjoying the fresh air and nature. All our dishes are prepared with care and attention. We use quality products that come from our territory. Our food is tasty, simple and affordable.

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How to order

Order is easy: take the number to order at the bar and fill in the menu. While waiting for your turn, you can sit down or have a walk in the park. In fact, there is no need to queue because the order proceeds according to the number.

  1. Take a number to order at the bar

    Available from 11:00 pm onwards.

  2. Fill in the menu while waiting for your turn

    Advice to avoid the queue

  3. Bring your order at the bar and pay.

    When it is your turn, bring your filled in menu and you will receive a ticket with your order.

  4. Find a seat and take your order

    When you are ready bring your ticket at the bar and take your order.


Frequently asked questions

  • How does the osteria work?

    Menù à la carte, take your food from the bar, outdoor tables.

  • Can I book a table?

    On Saturdays and Sundays it is possible to book a table for a minimum of 15 people: call us on 0422773303 or email us at osteriaaipioppi@gmail.com. During public holidays it is not possible to book a table.

  • Am I allowed to bring my dog in the osteria?

    Certainly, if it is on a leash.

  • Can I pay by card?

    Yes, we accept card payments.

  • Are there any gluten-free options?

    Check our menu, you will find gluten-free options. Remeber that at the bar you can also find our ingredients' book.

  • Are there any vegetarian or vegan options?

    Check our menu, you will find vegetarian or vegan options. Remember that at the bar you can also find our ingridients' book.

  • Is it possible to have a high chair? And a changing table?

    Yes, of course. You can ask at the bar.

  • Is there a rest room for people with disabilities?

    Yes, of course. Ask at the bar to be accompanied.

  • Untill what time does the kitchen work?

    We open at noon and we work approximately untill 20:30 pm. The time might vary according to the weather and the number of clients.

  • Can I order take away?

    Yes, of course. The procedure is always the same: You order, you pay and then instead of sitting at the table you take your food home.

  • It is my birthday, may I bring my own drinks and cakes?

    We are sorry, but it is not possible. In our menu you can find everything you need. Anyway, happy birthday!

  • May I bring my own tablecloth, balloons or other stuff?

    We are sorry, but it is not possible. You do not need to bring anything from home because we have everything you need here.

  • If the queue is long, what can I do?

    Take your number, keep an eye on the screen and in the meanwhile you can sit down or have a walk in the park.

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